Episode 9:

Modern Etiquette 

Ryan and Leslie talk emerging rules of etiquette, specifically the new rules around communication. They do some demonstrating in the minicasts. 

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Episode Minicasts - Handshakes and Phonecalls

Show Notes

Some book recommendations, to start.

  • Digital Etiquette by Victoria Turk. It's short and to the point on modern communication norms, and bonus, it looks good on a desk or table, (I like it when books can do double duty as functional art.) And it looks like the US version has a very different title. While the UK version is "Digital Etiquette: Welcome to etiquette 2.0 The future of good manners," the US title is "Kill Reply All: A modern guide to online etiquette from social media to work and love."

  • Emily Post's Etiquette. It is still the standard and on it's 19th edition updated by her great nephew and, I think, a granddaughter. 

  • For a snarky version, not as complete but also not as dry as the Posts', try Good Manners for People Who Sometimes Say F*ck

  • Modern Etiquette Made Easy is new, as in, I've preordered it. But I found it by a source I like, so it is intriguing enough that I'll link to it here. 

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