Gardening is so much more than just plants! It can be an escape from this crazy world we live in. Leslie and Ryan go through tips and tricks to bring out the green thumb in you.

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Spring is springing, so let’s talk digging in the dirt. 


Planning a garden

  • First timers, start small. Build out. Grow stuff in a pot or small bed first. Cover the mud, mow, or plant a mini meadow for the rest. 

  • What kind of garden? Edible? flower cutting? Privacy? A little of each? 

  • Do initial research on your zone. 

  • Set an outdoor retreat space. Can be as simple as a futon on a balcony or cafe table with umbrella on a couple of flagstones. 

  • Spend some time planning space in part by using the space and figuring out what you want or need. 



Planting the garden

  • Unless it is really small, like a couple of pots and a futon on a balcony small, go in phases. 

    • Your research will help here. Start the seeds when the package says. But if it is winter, maybe you go ahead and get the pots and the cafe table set and figure out placement. 

    • Budget also guides with the phasing. Bigger furnishings or lighting may be last, for instance. 

  • Maybe set a weekend or two for priming the first phase. After that maybe a Saturday morning thing for maintenance or adding in another layer of whatever is in your plan.

  • Need only a few basic tools to start. Think spades.  

  • Gardening is never done. 


Closing thoughts

You don’t need the fancy equipment at the start. If you become a cultivator of orchids, you will refine your equipment. For now, use what you have. For instance, clear plastic berry punnets or paper egg crates make gre  at seed starters. 

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