Storage 202

We've talked about three motion storage to death, but what about the items after that.  Storage units, Garages and Attic Spaces.  Today we talk about what goes in storage and how to use them.

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Set the table:

Remember The 1, 2, and 3 motion storage rule? This episode is about 3+ motion storage, that stuff we get out once a year or less. 


Segment 1: Storage at home

  • Consider the 3+ stuff to be stored. Typical items:

    • Family heirlooms, which can be photos, letters, objects, or linens 

    • Seasonal decorations

    • Seldom used tools, such as beer kits or candle making supplies for Christmas gifts. 

    • Some rec equipment, say camping gear for an annual trip to Big Bend. 

  • What does it need? Temp control? Bug control? Some awkward space shape? 

  • What to store it in? Look to Using What You Have first. Then source out storage bins. 


Segment 2: Storage off-site

  • Goal is not to have this kind of storage, but sometimes it is necessary.

    • A move transition. New home won’t be ready when old home must be vacated. 

    • A move overseas. It’s expensive to ship furniture and scale is often an issue. So you need to store your current furnishings and buy or rent furnishings overseas. 

    • An excess of heirloom quality furnishings and art and younger family who might want it. 

  • Parents homes can work for a few items, but parents clean things out or downsize. It is not a great solution for more than a few boxes or long term. 

  • If you need one:

    • Get a unit that is convenient for you to access, location and actual unit.

    • Rent one slightly larger than you think you need.  

    • Fill it up with access in mind. Last in is first out/easiest to access. Give yourself a path to access the back. 

    • Heavy stuff low, light stuff might go high. 

  • Unless you have a long term purpose for the storage facility, make a plan for cleaning it out. 150/month over 10 years—that’s a fair bit of cash. 


Stuff for kids. Big cedar chests. Fill. That’s plenty to pass on to the next generation. 

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