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Groundhog Day

For when everyday feels like it is on repeat. If you aren’t one of those affected by the Coronavirus itself, then sometime last week perhaps, our temporary new normal became our very repetitive normal. Ryan and Leslie discuss the Groundhog Day of it all.

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66/ Mindset: Gratitude

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

65/ It Takes a Village 

Life shouldn't be lonely.  We are meant to be together and thrive!  Today we talk about what happened to the village and how we can rebuild it.

64/ How to Delegate

Effective delegation is a neglected skill. Circular trap. When it doesn’t quickly work, we often think it is easier to do things ourselves, which makes effective delegation more elusive..

63/ Back To School

Having now seen school from almost every angle and gotten perspective from the pandemic, I have many thoughts on what I would do differently if I had the chance. 

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