Episode 7:

Planning for a Baby

We do not need precise plans for having a baby, but we do need general ones. Those general plans also need to cover more than pregnancy and finances. 

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Show Notes

About planning for longer than pregnancy:

Baby 411, covers the basics of baby care

The Hurried Child is kind of an expert-with-data version of the slightly satirical Three Martini Playdate.  Parenting doesn’t need to be as all consuming as the conventional wisdom would have us believe. 

Often without baby experience, new parents turn to experts and data. This article is a recent example of a common lament: when in doubt hit the books and seek experts not experienced elders. But without some practical experience it is hard to be discerning about the data and expert advice.

About IVF success rates.

Fertility diary from a 40 year old woman (diary starts when she was 38). IVF chat rooms have many such stories, as do friends

There are also books about IVF stories

Incidentally, that 2014 IFV diary style book was not the first of its kind. That was probably Silvia Ann Hewlett’s Creating a Life, which sorta fell down the memory hole.

This article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Ann-Marie Slaughter, was The Atlantic’s most shared article ever shortly after it was published. It might still be. Certainly the discussion is still live in society. It is about work/life balance in general — and I have many quibbles or objections to some of her points – but the discussion relevant to this podcast is the subsection titled, “It’s possible if you sequence it right.”

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