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Mindset: Gratitude

Today we start a new series call "Mindset".  Kicking things off will be embracing gratitude.  Gratitude is a game changer.  It will not only change where you end up in life but also how you get there.

Ep-66 Mindset: Gratitude Life Admin
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Show Notes & Helpful Links

Gratitude will not only change where you end up but also how you enjoy the journey.


Gratitude can be built into your life.  You have a choice.  It's not natural.  We have to work at it.


What we are not talking about is moment.

Not things or actions.

We are talking about a lifestyle.


I want to focus on choosing Gratitude.  Make a decision. It's a choice.  You are constantly choosing gratitude.  All throughout the day.  After a while it becomes the default.





66/ Mindset: Gratitude

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

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