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Going Back To Normal

The end of the pandemic is in sight.  Its time to start considering what the new normal is going to look like.  Leslie and Ryan give some time saving tips. 

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Ep-55 Going Back To NormalLife Admin
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Show Notes & Helpful Links

Set the table:

As people get the jab and things start opening back up, what can we get ready for? 


Organizing for the new normal

  • Covered a bit in Closets 202, but wardrobe may be different going forward. Sort and reorganize.

  • You probably have a much better idea now at what your work routine will look like. Figure out what that means for your 

    • home office, equip... A note about mics

    • Meal planning

    • Transportation



Planning for the new normal

  • Gathering - count on it, plan for it

  • Service - Now that we can serve, look for ways to serve locally. 

  • Schedule rhythms - Should be able to anticipate some of them now to merge them into your life

  • Travel. Might be time to start booking



66/ Mindset: Gratitude

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

65/ It Takes a Village 

Life shouldn't be lonely.  We are meant to be together and thrive!  Today we talk about what happened to the village and how we can rebuild it.

64/ How to Delegate

Effective delegation is a neglected skill. Circular trap. When it doesn’t quickly work, we often think it is easier to do things ourselves, which makes effective delegation more elusive..

63/ Back To School

Having now seen school from almost every angle and gotten perspective from the pandemic, I have many thoughts on what I would do differently if I had the chance. 

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