Episode 28:

Using Email Effectively

Leslie and Ryan talk about how to use email the right way.  What to do when you need to start from scratch.  And how to reach the coveted "zero inbox".

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EP-28 Using Email EffectivelyLife Admin
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How to set up your email 


Set the table: There is a formula

Email is the main form of communication today. As the phone supplanted letters, the e-letter has supplanted the phone—well, the voice call part of the phone. A quarter century of email and we are finally starting to sort out how it is best set up. 


Segment 1: The Rule of 3

  • Need 3 email addresses

    • Main, personal email set up in a universal platform (gmail, iCloud)

    • Work or school set up by the institution

Shopping, marketing, survey email again with a universal platform, probably the same you use for your main account



Segment 2: Controlling Spam

  • Unsubscribe as you go and do weekly or monthly culls

  • Some apps available, but they require some maintenance themselves


Segment 3: Inbox Zero and other aspirations 

  • Making rules

  • Making topic inboxes

  • Aim for inbox zero but don’t get too firm about it


Closing: Final thoughts

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