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Mindset: Perfect Day

Plan your day, wake up early, work on your biggest priority before anything else, add more structure to your day control what you can, cope with what you can't and concentrate on what counts

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The formula for the perfect day is built on three C’s Control, Conquer and Concentrate. Learn to control what you can and cope with what you can't. Learn to conquer the chaos in your life.  To win your days, learn to concentrate on what really matters to you. For the perfect day apply this to each part of your day. Control your morning's Conquer the chaos of your afternoons and Concentrate on what matters in the evenings.

Controlling the morning habits are powerful. We must harness them and use them to control our mornings.  The right routines make the right actions automatic; you cannot control the external world but you can control your thoughts, words and actions. You control your behavior and you can control your success. 


The most important ritual in your life is what time you

choose to get out of bed. The best decision you can make is to start

getting up 15 minutes earlier tackle your biggest priority first thing in the morning even if you don't feel like it.  It may be difficult at first but this is how you make big progress in your life. Your morning victories start with preparing properly the night before. You must have a plan for the next morning.  The earlier you wake up the easier it will be to overcome procrastination.  Most people can accomplish three times as much work when they do it in the morning.   Research shows that beginning your day with a victory puts you in a positive mood.  The morning momentum will lead to success throughout the day.   Commit to this daily practice.  Nothing comes easy at first but anything important is worth fighting for.   You must be willing to match your level of desire with a level of action. 


Creating your rules for living and sticking to them will guide you to a life of success and wisdom.  Follow your rules as if they were law.  Make sure your rules align with your goals and dreams.  If you want to drink less make a rule that you will not have more than two drinks.  If you want to be smarter make a rule that you will read one book a week.

Rules give you a strong framework for success. They are crucial. We all follow the rules. Every day we stop at red lights.  We stay out of trouble. Likewise your personal rules will force you to make the right decisions and make it easy to resist temptation. With rules you won't have to rely on willpower.   They will guide you to behavior that is congruent with your goals.  Think of your rules as a way to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with positive routines.  Every day we get pressured into decisions that make us feel remorseful and guilty.  With rules it will be easier to make better decisions with less effort. 


There are 7 steps to build habits of steel 


Step 1-  figure out what matters and focus on it requires us to do the first things first figure out what really matters to you and then use the rest of the steps to build habits that allow you to focus your time on it 


Step 2 - identify steps to success and rules for your life no one will ever be perfect but creating rules will help you avoid disappointment guilt and regret of wasted days 


Step 3 -create a checklist for new habits break down new habits into action items to help you get started 


Step 4 -prepare the night before prepare your checklist and lay out an easy pathway for success 


Step 5 - remove all obstacles get rid of obstacles temptations and bad habits as often as you can this will make it easier for you to make and stick to the right decisions 


Step 6 - take massive action practice what you preach and take action on what you teach so much is in your control take action 


step 7 - learn and improve this will be difficult at times.   When that happens learn from your mistakes. 


Conquer the afternoon there are five pillars of success that will guide you to achieve your number one priority in life.   You need all five of them to succeed and you must take responsibility for who, what and where you are in life. 


The first pillar - planning and preparation everything you do either sets you up for success or puts another obstacle in your way. If you are prepared you will make the right decisions and do the right things. It will help to remove the temptation as much as possible.   Plan to avoid them and you will stay on track. 


The second pillar - professional accountability. We all need a coach in addition to mentoring us; they will hold us accountable. It is also beneficial to become a mentor if you can.   This will help you understand the importance of what you are teaching through teaching you will learn.


The third pillar - social support and the positive power of the people around you can lead to your best days ever.  Create personal and professional networks that are filled with positive and supportive people.  Surround yourself with people who inspire you who make you better and whom you respect 


the fourth pillar -incentive delayed gratification may be difficult but it is well worth it studies show that those that can delay gratification are more dependable and have better success in life you can practice to build up your delayed gratification muscle and earn the rewards 


the fifth pillar - the big deadline we all have a natural big deadline in our lives and understanding that we are all running out of time should be enough to inspire us to take action.  Today harness the power of deadlines. The deadline puts urgency into our actions and keeps us going through the tough times.  You can set deadlines in your workday and finish working by 5:30 p.m. no matter what and your daily tasks.  This phone call will be no longer than 15 minutes.  You should also set a deadline for achieving your goals - it will push you to take the actions you need. 

If you have all five pillars in place then you will have the foundation to guarantee that you will achieve your number one priority in life.  With these pillars you can conquer the chaos of the afternoon. 


With your success foundation firmly in place you need to create a vision for your life. Decide what matters to you and concentrate on that. Take actions that align with this vision.  You may feel like you aren't where you want to be in life, that's because you don't have a clear vision without this. Your hard work gets misdirected. Having a vision will keep you focused and help you avoid temptations.  Take an hour to write about where you want your life to be three to five years from now.  Then share your first draft with those that can help you achieve it and make sure they are trusted and supportive.   Now set specific goals to achieve that vision to avoid getting too ambitious.   Limit yourself to four goals: make one for health, wealth, social self, and personal enrichment. Once you have made goals create several smaller goals within each one that will move you toward them.  Determine what actions are needed to achieve the end result. Share these goals with positive people that will support you.  You can find them in an online community or people you know in real life.  Whoever they are they will help you reach your goals simply by being there.  Stay strong and continuously move closer to your goals, accepting that your life is your personal responsibility.   It is up to you to capture your perfect day,  your success starts in the morning.   Plan your day, wake up early, work on your biggest priority before anything else, add more structure to your day control what you can, cope with what you can't and concentrate on what counts

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