Keeping The Change That You Want

Leslie and Ryan discuss the positive things that have come out of ours lives during the current global situation and how we can go about keeping those positive things after the lockdowns and distancing are over.

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EP-23 Keeping The Change That You WantLife Admin
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Show Notes

Set the table: What parts of lockdown life do you want to keep?

Upended everything in what was (for most of us) the Great Pause. Some of it is worth preserving. Some of it is not. Looking at what some of those things might be and how to set things as we’d like in the future. 


Segment 1: Noting the things we want to preserve

  • Would be really easy for life to revert back to the old normal

  • think though current life and make a list of the good and bad

  • Focus on the time and rest aspects, we likely all have concerns about having been overloaded

  • Look for the things that we should have been doing (keeping up friend communication or neighborhoods; reading or hobby time; meal times) 

  • Think about the things you did and the things you avoided once the time was available and defend or cut your losses.


Segment 2: Time

  • Many of the details will require different time management as things return to normal. 

  • Think though your work or school life. Plan out and inquire about changes that will get you to your goal. Work from home schedules, hour change options, travel modifications, 

  • Consider activities you want to restart

  • Remember time is finite. Only so many hours in the day. Now we are more realistic about what we can really get done—or what we really want to get done



Segment 3: Money

  • Rework budgets to reflect work changes

  • Suddenly that old advice to keep 6 months worth of expenses saved and accessible makes sense. Work on making that happen. Revisit Money 101 ep about budgeting, if necessary. 

  • If a couple, look to living on one salary. Might require modifications in base expenses like mortgage. 



60/ Sandwich Generation

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

59/ Birth Certificates, Passports, and Other Official Documents

Official documents are royal pains.  The timing on getting these important documents will be critical for most.  Planning and preparation is the way.

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They grow up so fast!  Your newborn is a toddler before you know it.  Leslie and Ryan discuss how to set up your toddler for success in life. 

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