Professional Communications Etiquette

We welcome Leslie's husband, Jim, to the podcast for today's episode. This is a must listen for anyone who is in the professional space or aspiring to be there.  Setting the right tone is key.  Bonus: Tips on Video Calls for the Professional

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Show Notes

Set the table: Jim visiting again because he’s at home and Ryan and Leslie haven’t worked in brick and mortar for a while. We know virtual and small business. Jim knows formal office


Segment 1: Phones


Ryan: Not obsolete are they? But rules have changed


  • More purpose driven and shorter.

  • Usually scheduled via email or text

  • Practices developed about timing of calls, like when it was just phones, a call after 9pm meant emergency


Segment 2: Email and text


  • Text, just don’t in the office. 

  • Email. Length, type, subject line, reply all


Segment 3: Video conferencing


Ryan: so many fails out there now. Clothing, bathrooms, backgrounds, 

  • Assorted tips


Closing:  Final thoughts

Emails, texts, calls are demands for your time. So many now, need to recognize that you don’t have to submit to every demand. 

46/ Party Time

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In the crazy year that has been 2020, Leslie and Ryan discuss everything it takes to ensure that your holiday plans go off with out a hitch.

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44/ Home Improvement

Ryan and Leslie discuss the planning and execution of home improvement projects from the simple projects like new decks to complicated kitchen or bath redos.

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