Calendar 202

Where has all the time gone?  Do you feel like all of the days are blending together.  Your calendar most likely hasn't changed with our current living climate.

Time to shake things up!

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Set the table:

In Calendars and Contacts 101 we talked about having a calendar, setting it up, keeping it basic with just a work and personal one. Now some fine tuning in part because our lives have changed a bit. 


Segment 1: Scheduling

  • Our lives have shifted to more open scheduling. For instance, we set more of our own time when working from home. 

  • Set the structure and allow for flexibility - Freedom within the framework  

    • Scheduling large blocks of time, 3 or more hours, tend to see the task expand or not get done.

    • Tight blocks of time, 30 minutes are less, feel inflexible, in part because it is easy to “fail” at them and get discouraged. 

    • Example of Thursday podcast and music days

  • Use occasional calendar blocks to defend times for aspirational items


Segment 2: Maintenance, sharing, and notifications

  • Use it every day. 

  • Clean up errors when you find them. Repeats, addresses, etc. 

  • Use shared calendars.

  • Clean up notifications, especially on shared calendars. 



Closing thoughts:

Adapt to your own needs after a while. For instance, I use reminders for phone call returns or spur of the moment errands or appointments.

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