Basic Sewing Kit and Skills

Guest Cynthia Wyche joins the podcast to talk about sewing skills that make life easier (think hems, straight edges, and zippers and buttons). Cynthia also covers the essential items for a sewing kit and quick fixes.


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EP-36 Basic Sewing Skills and KitLife Admin
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Show Notes


Set the table: Nothing Quite Like Proper Tailoring

Clothes that fit make an ex  cellent first impression from dates to job interviews and most of us are not standard off-the-rack sizes. This is easier to do if you have some basic sewing skills


Segment 1: The basic skills

  • buttons, darts, and hemlines [Cynthia, please add others as you recommend]

  • How to practice

  • How long does it take to master


Segment 2: The Basic Equipment

  • putting together a sewing kit

    • hand sewing basket

    • Sewing machine: at what level or when do you need one. Machine basics. 

  • What to save for a sewing kit? Fabric scraps, buttons, and other things


Segment 3: How to spot quality on the rack

    • Signs of good seams, zippers, fasteners

    • Tips about linings

    • What “fix it at home” items do you avoid? How to know when a fix is too complicated or too time consuming



Closing: Final thoughts?

  • These skills carryover to household items. Basic cafe curtains, throw pillows, duvet covers 

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