Life Admin for Parents

Being a parent is one of the toughest life admin tasks that there is.  Not a parent?  Don't worry this episode has plenty of info aimed at you too.

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Set the table:

There is a bunch of life admin in parenting. In fact, it is often a shock—for the amount and the repetition of it all. For non-parents, it is good to look ahead—and bookmark for later potential.   


Basic guidelines 

  • Normal is a range. Development, physical and mental, often occurs in spurts. This is why doctors look at multiple points or sharp trend shifts for problem indicators.

    • Growth charts

    • Diets

  • Change is the routine.

    • Daily routines

    • Seasons of parenting routines

  • Children come as they come. 

  • Raising kids is a process. Kids won’t want to do things they’ve never been exposed to.  

  • First kids set the pace and tone. 

    • what you expect

    • milestone affect

    • Rules and seals

  • The best bit of advice I received from my motherhood mentors: worry more about who your child will be at 35 than tomorrow.  Resist immediate measurement.

  • Fathers matter.



60/ Sandwich Generation

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

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57/ Life Admin For New Parents

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