Episode 40:

Subscription Services

Leslie and Ryan are walking through subscription services today.  Are they worth it?  Do they actually save you money?  The answer may surprise you.

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Subscription Services

Set the Table: It sounds convenient. Set up auto delivery of stuff you use all the time so you don’t have to remember it. Supposed to save you the thinking but sometimes it causes more thinking and hassle than a regular shopping list and errand. 


Why use them and how to set them up?

  • In an urban core without a car so that one thing of paper towels and TP takes up your hauling capacity. 

  • It’s something you use all the time, like laundry detergent. 

  • Get bulk discount

  • Can sometimes get items otherwise hard to find [fave detergent in low waste packaging example]

  • The big catchall one: Amazon’s Subscribe n Save. Once you have an Amazon account, find the SnS store in the menu. Lots of individual website possibilities from razors to meals. Again, create an account at the website and find their subscription menu


Sounds awesome. Why don’t they work?

  • We don’t use things as regularly as we think. End up with a surplus quickly, which could be a waste of money and a storage problem. [Example of getting 5 lbs of potatoes cheaper per pound than 1 lb of potatoes is not actually cheaper if 3 of the 5 lbs sprout eyes.) 

  • They don’t arrive when planned. [NYE example]

  • Unrealiable. Amazon Subscribe and Save was a pandemic disappointment


How to use them.

  • Load up first and then get less than you think you need. 

  • Slowly build your items

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