Episode 29:

Arts and Crafts

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Leslie and Ryan break down arts and crafts from to totally different perspectives,  They talk about all of the benefits that come from learning this type of skill and the lasting effects on your family. 

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Arts and Crafts


Set the table: Crafting is

Crafting is not just for kids and it doesn’t need to be  perfect. (Michaels vs Martha)


Segment 1: Picking a craft

  • Something a family elder could teach you?

  • Something useful? Do you love to buy storage baskets? So perhaps learn how to crochet them. 


Segment 2: Gathering supplies

  • Avoid sets. Tend to have crappy materials. 

  • Do a little research. Think YouTube videos and product reviews. See what they recommend using—even better if they explain why. 

  • Start with small basic projects and maybe alternate materials. Experiment. 

Segment 3: Learning a craft

    • Sets are available, but try to find a hands on tutor. 

    • In line with measure twice, cut once—which you should do—do lots of boring basic ones before you make your project. 


Closing: Final thoughts

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