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Birth Certificates, Passports, and Other Official Documents

Official documents are royal pains.  The timing on getting these important documents will be critical for most.  Planning and preparation is the way.

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Ep-59 Birth Certicates, Passports, and Other Offical DocumentsLife Admin
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Set the table:

Official documents are royal pains.


  • Whatever it is you are doing, check the official sites (state or federal) for the lists of what you need. Some of it may have long lead times, for instance birth certificates for first passports. If you don’t have that, you will need time to get it. 

  • Note notarized documents needed. Photos. Pick out the do ahead stuff and get it done. 

    • Get birth certificates early on

    • Do change of name (if applicable) forms when you get married or otherwise change your name. 

  • Give yourself lots of lead time. 

    • Passports are less accepted if in the 6 month window of expiring and 

  • Dot all i’s and cross all t’s—and even when you do, know that something will be wrong

  • Know what they are looking for: connecting the ID 

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