So, How's It Going?

Ryan and Sean, our camera guy, have gotten an intense course in life admin because we recorded the first dozen episodes over just a few weeks in the summer of 2019. So for this episode, Leslie picks the guys' brains on how it is all going. 

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Ep-12 How's it Going sLife Admin
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Show Notes

Set the table

Leslie: Turn the tables today. Mic’ed our camera guy, Sean. After immersion while recording, guys drove home and talked about life admin. So today, I’m the guider of discussion. So guys, how’s it going?


Segment 1: What’s working?

Leslie: So what’s working really well? Surprisingly well, even?

Sean and Ryan: ​


Leslie: Been about a month, what have you already modified to work for each of your households and why?


Ryan and Sean: ​


Leslie: What are y’all doing on tech vs. paper?

Segment 2: What’s proving difficult?


Leslie: Y’all have told me about a few complications. Explain.


Leslie: What info is missing? What do you still need to know for these starting phases?

[Those answers informed some of our next episodes.]


Segment 3: What’s next?


Leslie: What do each of you plan on doing next and why?


60/ Sandwich Generation

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58/ Life Admin for Toddler Parents

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57/ Life Admin For New Parents

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