Keeping The Bathroom Clean

What are the habits you should have when it comes to keeping your bathrooms clean? Ryan and Leslie discuss with some fun facts and some mandatory bathroom comedy.  Germs are hiding everywhere!

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Show Notes

Set the table

Getting back to normal topics, or trying to, this one is still about germs. Seemed like a "nice" transition. 



Segment 1: Setting up a bathroom

  • Analyze space. Organized essentials depends a bit on space.

  • Analyze what you need and have. A make up artist needs more space to store stuff. 

  • Remember the 1, 2, 3 motion storage. Need the everyday hygiene and water required stuff by the sink. Everything else can go to a vanity, drawer,  closet.

  • Basics for linens

Segment 2: Cleaning and tidying


  • Specialized cleaning products

  • Set the rhythm

    • Daily maintenance

    • Needs full cleaning once a week

    • Deeper cleanings for speciality issues

  • Odd spaces, like hinges of the toilet seat

  • Soap scum issues


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