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Basic Closet

Leslie and Ryan talk about our closets.  What to keep, what to donate and what are the must haves.  Also we talk about the 80/20 rule and how it applies to your life.

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Ep-10 Basic ClosetLife Admin
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Show Notes & Helpful Links

Set the table

We are in our closets every day. Wise to take care that they run well. 


Segment 1: Figuring out what you wear

Need a wardrobe that matches your life. 


  • A stay at home parent vs an art gallery owner vs an artist vs a lawyer...

  • Have a basic uniform option that you can vary. Jeans and white t with sneakers. Modular suit: jacket with two skirt options and two trousers. 

  • Accessories are function first, the form


Segment 2: Basic organization


Ryan: So many options, a few basic pointers?

Leslie: Use what you have organizing first. Work with what you’ve got, space wise.


  • Don’t buy a bunch of plastic shoe boxes. See if you even prefer boxing shoes first. 

  • If live in seasonal area and/or are short on space, rotate clothes. Need a storage option (high, back, under—remember the 1 2 3 motion storage from the basic household ep, most used stuff accessible and off season temp away) and then set reminders for about 3 weeks before typical weather changes. 

  • Make laundry and dry cleaning accessible. Take items out of the bags. Put the hangers in the bottom of your dry cleaning area to go back to the cleaners for reusing. (See next ep, Real Environmentalism.)

  • Don’t worry about how your closet looks, if it is instagrammable. Does it function for you?


Segment 3: Closet cadence

  • setting a dry cleaning day,

  • tidying once a month,

  • rotating twice a year, etc.)




Helpful Links

Translating Dress Codes

I put this one here because a big part of konmaring is getting rid of clothes and storing your remaining clothes in a tidy way. I'm with the folks who think that turning around and selling stuff to people you just encouraged to get rid of stuff is a bit tacky. 

I recommend using what you have instead, at least to start. 

66/ Mindset: Gratitude

Its the term for the adults still caring for children at home when their own parents care needs rise.  It can be complicated, messy and a little uncomfortable. We are here to help navigate.

65/ It Takes a Village 

Life shouldn't be lonely.  We are meant to be together and thrive!  Today we talk about what happened to the village and how we can rebuild it.

64/ How to Delegate

Effective delegation is a neglected skill. Circular trap. When it doesn’t quickly work, we often think it is easier to do things ourselves, which makes effective delegation more elusive..

63/ Back To School

Having now seen school from almost every angle and gotten perspective from the pandemic, I have many thoughts on what I would do differently if I had the chance. 

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