Moving Homes

Moving is one of life's big stressors. While there is no cure for the stress, there are best practices that can help. And it took us a little over an hour to cover what we needed to cover, so there is a b-side episode for this one.

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Show Notes

Set the table

After finding a home and getting the mortgage, comes the moving. 


Segment 1: Timeline

  • Start during the lag from loan approval to the closing. Usually about 2 weeks when the between loan approval, whether for you current house you made the sale conditional upon, or for the one you are buying

  • Call utilities and services to switch over to you for the date of closing. Cancel ones at existing home. Had to make insurance for the mortgage. Will have a binder and first premium often paid at closing. 

  • Arrange for cleaning for your place. Sellers should provide a proper cleaning for the new home. 

  • Assess stuff moving needs.

    • Book movers. Get recommendations for moving companies. If in budget, have them do most of the packing. Deposit usually required. Be sure of your date. Switching can be hard. 

    • Figure packing time, travel time, and unpacking time. If overnight, figure out security for your stuff. 

    • Give yourself room for time error for taking possession. Technically switches ownership with closing docs, but funding sometimes takes a few hours. 

  • Start packing; borrow our purchase materials. 

  • Plan out the move. Meals, sleeps, coffee.



Segment 2: The actual move  

  • If you have movers doing the packing, they will gather anything in the house, including trash. 

  • Pack securely. Heavier items on bottom. Think about box weight. 

  • Think though packing order by thinking about unpacking. Will first need beds at new place and basic clothes and toiletries. That plus coffee. All of that should go in the truck last, along with area rugs.

  • Have food, water, and clothes changes available.  

  • If possible, one person goes ahead to direct unloading and ensure new place is clean. while another supervises 

  • Pack items in boxes and when finished, then load the boxes. Unload all boxes and items, and send to proper rooms. Then set major rugs and furniture. Then unpack boxes. 

  • Try to get rid of packing material quickly. Send as much as you can with movers or use your truck to off load major packing materials. 


Closing: other thoughts

  • Easiest time to paint is when the house is empty. 

  • Appliances.

  • Cull stuff. If you don’t want to move it, donate, trash, etc.

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