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Won't You Be My Neighbor

We don’t know our neighbors because most of the rhythms and ways we used to meet no longer exist. But we need our neighbors, more than we realize. Ryan and Leslie discuss ways of getting our neighborhoods back.  

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Show Notes & Helpful Links

Set the table

Episode is about the stuff Mr. Rogers taught us. 

Well discussed problem of lacking community

Many modern problems start and can be solved here, but it is a long play so ignored and thus it gets worse 



Segment 1: To know your neighbors, gather.


Ryan: Why is this important? Seems silly with social connectivity when families and friends can video call from anywhere in the world. 

Leslie: Actually, you can’t call from anywhere in the world, certainly not privately, and calls aren’t hands. [Island volcano and Harvey stories.].  People cross country can’t loan you bug spray or butter. They can’t can’t your kids off the bus when you are stuck in traffic. Moral support is great but sometimes we need the real thing. 


Ryan: So what do we do to connect with out neighbors?


Leslie: First step to being a neighbor is to know your neighbors


  • Old school was longtime residents would greet new ones with a visit and perhaps a basket of goodies. Sometimes happens. So reverse flow. Knock on your new neighbors door, perhaps with a quick question or two. Is there a directory? Or trash days and any tricks? 

  • Sit outside. Greet pets. 

  • Throw parties.


Segment 2: Party 101


Ryan: Daunting for people. Why? 


Leslie: Time and Pinterest perfection pressure


  • Time is finite and in world of two full time partners and lack of lifeadmin education, who has the time, much less the money? That it doesn’t have to be expensive, who knows that?

  • Throw on the curated perfection presented in social media. If you can only rarely do it, then want to “do it right”.

  • Also, birthday party mission creep. They get fancy and are work intensive leaving impression all parties are like that. Frankly, parties for the 3 and under set should be adult gatherings with a few kids, balloons, and cupcakes thrown in.


Ryan: So how can it be done?


Leslie: KISS it. Keep it simple


  • Start small and casual. Email or face to face invites. Come and go three hour set. (3-4 hours is about max.)

  • One pot meals easy to serve. Or buffet of finger foods. Coffee or cocktails. 

  • Tidy before. Bathrooms clean and stocked. But save cleaning for afterwards

  • Candles, Christmas lights, perhaps some flowers. Deco is done. 

  • Occasionally kid friendly. Occasionally not. 


Segment 3: Walking around your neighborhood


Ryan: Parties great for set neighborhoods, but what if you are choosing one?

Leslie: Look for some walkablity


  • Not going to get it all, example Houston. But need some aspect of life that is walkable, work errands, school, parks. 

  • Exercise incidental to your day. Stress and weight control. 

  • Best way to meet people

  • Take a standard walk when others might be out. Dog walking hours are perfect times. 


Closing thoughts.

Helpful Links

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