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Hair #Fail

Three days into recording, and my hair looks like a drunk mockingbird did it. (See the Money 101 mini cast, Creating a Household Budget. No one noticed that 'do.)

I started out in life with great hair. My dad took this picture in the 70's.

You can date it by the floral sheets and the actual sepia tone. #nofilter. I can date it from one of my early dance recitals. I spent hours with it up in a tight bun, brushed it out, and it came out like that. Lucky me, my hair was easy.

Alas, it did not stay easy. I cut it off out of frustration in junior high. In high school I tried to recreate the waves with a perm. It came out nothing like the hair above.

19802 vintage jeans outfit
Surprisingly, my 1989 high waist, acid wash jeans with white sneakers outfit doesn't look that dated from what teen girls wear today.

My hair woes culminated — I thought — in my early 40's hair crisis. Over the course of three pregnancies in 5 years I lost a lot of hair, which grew back curly. It took me a while to figure that out, and as I figured it out, I tried that tried and true #fail of all hair fixes: bangs. I did them myself. Shocker, I cut them too short. I hadn't gotten used to having curly hair yet, and when one cuts wet curly hair it shrinks when it dries. A few days later, I hoped hair dye would help. I let my 8 year old apply that. (I used to color my mom's gray with store bottle covers and didn't remember it being a problem). I have no picture evidence of that hairstyle, as by my 40's I was pretty good at staying out of camera shots when I wanted to—probably because at 42 I was still engaging in acts of brilliance like cutting my own bangs.

Anyway, it seems that my hair woes are not over. Now I do a video cast...with two guys. So I did not know about my drunk mockingbird do until the mini cast for episode 2 went up this past Thursday.

I am mostly to blame. The guys (and my kids) are right. I fool with my hair a lot, brushing it out of my face. Sometimes it ends up funny.

But I'm not letting the guys off the hook, especially Sean, the camera guy. While we don't rearrange the spaces to alter them from how my family actually uses them, I do let him set his shot composition a bit. That day I recall moving my Home Pod to the next outlet because he thought the black cord against the white tile was too distracting. He's also meticulous about adjusting lights to avoid a constant glare in my glasses. Those things he notices, but not my drunk mockingbird hair do!

I watched that new show, The Morning Show. (It's a good show, by the way.) Those hair and makeup people touching up the talent before recording seem so frivolous, only they aren't. They are actually a decent metaphor of life administration stuff, the behind the scenes repetitive tasks that are hardly noticed unless they aren't done.

Well, they are gonna get done now. It's one of the Life Administration Podcast's first learning curves, a hair and makeup check before each take. Oh, and Ryan has a new habit about "dailies" but I will let him explain that on the 'cast.

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