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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I used to be a writer about culture, law, and politics — an endeavor I gave up a few years ago. Most days, I don’t miss it. Sometimes I do.

Why don’t I miss it? Fast and hot is how today’s publications like it. Short, too. Oh, and partisan. Grinding out those pieces messed with my life, psyche, and health, often in ways I didn’t fully appreciate until I stopped. (My endocrinologist did, and she’s relieved I unchained myself from my computer.)

Still, I wrote on some important issues, many of which relate directly to life administration. I could post links here, but I don’t like much of my old stuff. It is partially a writer thing, I suppose, kinda like not hearing the sound of one’s recorded voice. But also, the need for speed didn’t allow for deep editing, review, or polish, although it did provide plenty of practice. I’m a better writer now than I was then. It’s a silver lining.

Now that I have my own site again I can present my writing my way. This “blog” may have some new stuff in traditional blog style—both Jim and Ryan think I need a writing outlet—but mostly I will post updated, merged, and reworked articles, presented with more polish and, for instance, titles of my choosing.

UPDATE: Rest restored my writing urges. I've re-booted my email newsletter. If you would like once a month commentary on a curated collection of published works by right of center women, then find The Collection email signup here.

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